Weapons Control System Mk.II

The Mark II model had coloured LED's on the left which indicated status of rocker switches - very neat!
At the time - and indeed for quite some years this was considered the ant's pant's in programmable gear. It's DOS legacy meant that programming the device was "f u n". But it did bring the cockpit into the playroom for many thousands of flight sim fans.
I'll never forget the first time I tried one. It was about 1990. A friend had a 486 66 Mhz - a hot machine at the time. It was hooked up to a beefy sound system and he was running Jetfighter II. With the WCS MkII I greased in to a smooth carrier landing. He was amazed at how easily I did it.. and from my point of view it was easy as pie considering I was used to tapping out throttle inputs on the keyboard of my Atari ST!
This was sheer luxury!
Thrustmaster® Weapons Control System Mark II - image © MiGMan