Eastern Abkhazia


Explore the eastern and northern borders with Georgia and return via the capital, Sokhumi. This flight covers almost the entire eastern half of the country, mountains on the border with Georgia and the coast from the capital Sokhumi back to Babushara.

Nav data


WP 1 - Jukmuri Coal Harbour

Pass to the north of the coastal town Ochamchire

WP 2 - Gali Reservoir | Pass: Ochamchire

Designated: Peak 10,870 ft

WP 3 - Peak 10,870 ft on the Abkhazia / Georgia border

WP 4 - Azhara Peak 4,333 ft

WP 5 - NW along the valley to the peak at 8,166 ft

Designated: WP 6 - Mouth of the Gumista River

WP 6 - Fly to the mouth of the Gumista River at Sokhumi


UGSS Babushara

UGSS Babushara