Murrumbidgee to Murray, south and east of Balanrald


Fly out of Balanrald, where the Sturt Highway (after explorer Charles Sturt) crosses the mighty Murrumbidgee, down to the even mightier Murray!

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WP 1 - Yanga Homestead on Yanga Lake

WP 2 - Bridge over the Wakool River at Kyalite

WP 3 - Bridge over the Murray River at Tooleybuc

WP 4 - Intersection of Speewa Rd and Koraleigh Rd

WP 5 - Intersection of Speewa Rd and Stony Crossing Rd

WP 6 - Intersection of Swan Hill Rd and Cunninyeuk Rd

WP 7 - Big Sandhill Lake and Upper Sandhill Lake

WP 8 - Lake Tala

WP 9 - Land at Balranald YBRN