Back o’ Bourke


Back o' Bourke: is an expression allegedly minted by poet Henry Lawson, and refers to Bourke's place at the edge of civilisation. Bourke is at the western edge of the agricultural regions of New South Wales and is a gateway to the vast and arid Australian outback. Take a short trip around the local farms and marvel at the vast, dry red plains beyond.

Nav data


WP 1 - S for 3 nm to the M. A. Davidson Memorial Park in Bourke

WP 2 - SW for 4 nm to the Toby's Tank (two square reservoirs)

WP 3 - W for 7 nm to the reservoir near Furgison Farms (SW corner of the irrigated fields)

WP 4 - NE for 10 nm to Gidgee Dam and Hungerford Dam

WP 5 - 7 nm SE to land at Bourke YBKE

BKE Bourke

BKE Bourke

Irrigated fields near Bourke