Black Mountain


Black Mountain is the most prominent landmark in Canberra. You will find it at the NW corner of Lake Burley Griffin and it features the distinctive Telstra Tower at the 2,664 ft summit. NOTAM: Canberra airport elevation is 1,869 ft so cruise at 3,000 ft above sea level.

Nav data


WP 1 - Follow Majura Parkway N to the intersection with the Federal Highway

WP 2 - High rise at Gungahlin. Yerrabi Pond is to the north

WP 3 - Follow Gundaroo Drive SW to Lake Ginninderra at Belconnen

WP 4 - Intersection at the base of Black Mountain

Black Mountain

WP 5 - Follow Tuggeranong Parkway S to Lake Tuggeranong

WP 6 - Follow Drakeford Drive SSE past Lake Tuggeranong to the base of Tuggeranong Hill\

WP 7 - Follow Monaro Highway NE until it turns to the north. This places you 4 nm from the threshold of RWY 35

YSCB Canberra