King George


Follow the King's Highway east out of Canberra and then fly over Lake George, the largest body of water near the A.C.T. I like to alternate my flights over Lake George between the wind farms on the eastern shore and the following the base of the ridge on the western shore. George V was monarch of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth until 1936. NOTAM: Canberra airport elevation is 1,869 ft so cruise at 3,000 ft above sea level.

Nav data


WP 1 - Bridge at Queanbeyan | Follow the Kings Highway East

WP 2 - Intersection at Brooks Hill | Follow the Kings Highway North East

WP 3 - Intersection at Bungendore | Fly N along either the E or W shore of Lake George

Lake George: eastern shore

Lake George: western shore

WP 4 - North end of Lake George

WP 5 - Gundaroo Airport YGDO

WP 6 - Intersection of Sutton Road (N-S) and Federal Highway (E-W)

YSCB Canberra