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The Three Sisters

One of Australia's most famous landmarks, the Three Sisters are found at Leura in the Blue Mountains.
The Blue Mountains are named such because the oil from the eucalyptus tree leaves imparts a blue haze to the air.
Photograph I took from the lookout
Image chroma increased to show the blue
Let's take a vertical section of this scene in order to more clearly see what nature does to colour.

Notice how the olive green becomes a blue green in the distance! Same trees, same day, different colour.

The colours in most Australian trees are cool green-grey.

In my painting courses we learn how to mix these colours from our Basic Palette.
Basic palette according to the Chevreul colour method, as used by Claude Monet and peers.
I use exclusively Derivan, an Australian brand of acrylic artist paints. Their owner and chief chemist Steven Patterson has devoted decades to recreating the hues, colour mixing properties and physical characteritics of the oil paints used by the impressionists.

From my Aussie Landscapes series of publications.
Example painting of the Three Sisters.
Example painting of the Three Sisters.
Students at a session in my gallery.
One of my finished examples.
Another of my finished examples.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator

At various times of the day. Afternoon is best, as west is over your right shoulder from this position.
Approaching the viewing area.
The setting sun brings out glorious colours in this iconic rock formation.
In conclusion, Microsoft Flight Simulator is doing an amazing job of rendering the physics of light and atmospheric perspective.