Minsk Beltway

Follow the beltway in a counter-clockwise direction and complete a complete circle around Minsk. --/o\-- The images here are all of the beltway, but of course the real action is taking place to your left, in Minsk. Once you are comfortable folowing the road you should be able to relax and enjoy the great views.


WP 1 - Notice the blue roofed petrol station. That will also be our last waypoint.

WP 2

Lipki Air Base (UMVY) on the right.

WP 3

WP 4

WP 5

WP 6

WP 7

WP 8 - (Same location as WP1). Fly heading 300 to Minsk 1 airport.

Approaching Runway 300 at Minsk 1

Approaching Runway 300 at Minsk 1