Battle of Waterloo

This is one of those flight plans that is MUCH easier to fly than it looks on paper, as we are basically following roads, and very prominent multi-laned roads at that.
We are following a 6 land highway over the top of Brussels to the west, then south all the way down to the site of the Battle of Waterloo. Feel free to linger there, maybe land at a winery and enjoy the historical vibe. The return journey is simplicity itself as we fly directly north back to Brussels.
Recommended altitude: 500 feet
Recommended speed: 80-120 kts


WP 1 - Bridge. Follow the 6 lane highway

WP 2 - (Bridges at 90 degrees)

WP 3 - Flyovers, veer left

WP 4 - Veer left

WP 5 - Bridge, veer right

WP 6 - Intersection. Straight ahead. Note: Huizinger Estate is on the left

WP 7 - Take left exit

WP 8 - Left 90 deg, follow the rail line over the Battle of Waterloo site

WP 9 - Le Chalet Robinson