Cayman Islands

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

Take off from Gerrard-Smith International MWCB and explore the two smaller islands of the Cayman trilogy. Follow South Side Road along the southern shoreline to Pollard Bay and fly around the coast, back to the airport and then cross 5 miles of shark infested ocean to Little Cayman.


WP 1 - Pollard Bay

WP 2 - Spot Bay

WP 3 - Cayman Brac Sports Field

WP 4 - Gerrard-Smith International MWCB threshold of RWY 09

WP 5 - Point of Sand (Little Cayman)

WP 6 - Blossom Point

WP 6 - Blossom Point

Edward Bodden Little Cayman Airfield (Little Cayman)

Gerrard-Smith MWCB