MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum


Havana to the South Coast

Take off from Jose Marti International Airport in Cuba's capital city Havana and explore the countryside down to the south coast. Along the way familiarise yourself with the location of three other airports.
The lake at WP 1 is a good reference for approaching RWY 24, being 3 miles from the threshold.
Return trip options:


WP 1 - NE for 4 nm to Lake: Ejercito Rebelde
WP 2 - ESE for 15 nm ot the Dam on Lake Bacuranao
WP 3 - SSE for 7 nm to town of Guines
WP 4 - S for 8 nm to the coast at Juan de la Cruz Airport MUGU
WP 5 - W along the coast for 12 nm to Batabano Airport MUBO (Agricultural)
WP 6 - NW for 16 nm to San Antonio de los Banos Airport MUSA
NE for 10 nm to land at Jose Marti International Airport MUHA