Pinar del Rio Bush Strip Tour

La Coloma MULM is the longest airfield in this area. This fertile region hosts a bevy of agricultural airstrips. Take a light aircraft, check out the farms and do touch and go's at the strips.

NOTAM: The large lake Embalse el Punto (2 miles EW, 3 miles NS) is about 2 miles from the threshold of RWY 25 at La Coloma.

Return trips:


WP 1 - Town: La Coloma Port

WP 2 - Las Cruces Airport MUDA, 2,619 ft

WP 3 - El Caribe Airport MUBE 1,945 ft

WP 4 - Los Zagales Airport MULJ 2,871 ft

WP 5 - La Cubana Airport MULL 3,238 ft

WP 6 - La Francia Airfield MULS 3,068 ft

WP 7 - La Asuncion Airport MULO 2,562 ft

WP 8 - Caserio La Jocuma North Airport MUCX 2,935 ft

WP 9 - Pinar Del Rio Airport MUPR 3,671 ft

La Coloma MULM