Suez Canal North

Explore the northern portion of this geopolitically crucial waterway. Fly out of Port Said and down the Suez Canal for about 50nm. Return via the territory west of the canal, which is lush for about 100 nm. The east is barren desert all the way to Israel.

NOTAM: Follow the canal from WP1 to WP4. On the way fly past 4 aiports: Al Ismaillia Airport (HE44), Ismaillia Airport (HEIS), Abu Suwayr airport (HE35) and As Salihiyah Airport (HE39). It's always good to be familiar with local places to land!

16 nm: Fly around Port Said
82 nm: Entire route


Port Said

WP 1 - Suez Canal, N entrance

WP 2 - Port Said Navy Base

Mubarak Peace Bridge at El Qantara | Al Ismaillia Airport (HE44) is 2.5 nm W

WP 3 - Island on Timsah Lake at Ismailia

WP 4 - N entrance to Great Bitter Lake | Ismaillia Airport (HEIS)

WP 5 - Abu Suwayr airport (HE35)

As Salihiyah Airport (HE39)

WP 6 - Bar Dishdi Lake

Port Said HEPS