Federal Dependencies of Venezuela

El Gran Tour

Take off from Los Roques Airport and check out the many small islands of the Federal Dependencies of Venezuela.
Round trips: 51 nm: Entire route | 60 nm: Isla La Orchila. A rather barren island HDG 120 for 20 nm. Mysteriously, it does have a 9,839 ft runway!
NOTAM: Los Roques runway is only 2,652 ft long, so choose a suitable aircraft for your flight. Dos Mosquisos has a small strip at 1,635 ft.


Pass Noronkey
WP 1 - Bequeve and Cayo Agua
Pass Dos Mosquises airstrip
WP 2 - Beach
WP 3 - Lagoon
WP 3 - Lagoon viewed from the east
El Gran Roque SVRS
Isla Gran Roque