Mount Damavand

At 18,400 ft Mount Damavand, located about 30 nm NE of Tehran, is both one of the highest the highest peaks and the highest volcano in Asia. It features prominently in Persian folklore.
The flight plan mixes valley runs with ridge hopping and WP 4-8 take you around the base of Mt Damavand. The ridgelines and valleys around Mt Damavand in particular are spectacular so take plenty of polaroids.
NOTAM: RWY ALT is 3,281 ft. The ground rises steeply to the north.


WP 1 - Latyan Dam (W end)

WP 2 - Follow the dam and valley 16nm E to Javard

WP 3 - At Mosha turn N, cross the ridge

WP 4 - Zaman Valley

WP 5 - Vana | Turn N and follow the valley

WP 6 - Kahrud Pa'in

WP 7 - Climb and follow the ridge

Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand

WP 8 - Lar Dam

WP 9 - Follow the lake and valley

Entering Tehran from the NE