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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum


Valley Run East of Vientiane


This flight is a bit longer than most, but it is rare that you get to fly 30 miles in a more or less straight line along such a beautiful broad valley! Fly east, staying on the Laos side of the Thai/Laos border (north of the Mekong River). Return with a relaxing flight along the valley to the north. Youi may want to loiter over the Nam Ngum Reservoir at WP 5. Then return to the south across Vientiane.

Nav data


WP 1 - Fly east to Phon Phisai Airport VTPS
Phon Phisai Airport VTPS
WP 2 - Valley entrance at the Nam Namg River | Turn N for 7 nm to enter the large East-West valley
WP 3 - Bridge on the Nam Namg River | Follow the valley west
WP 4 - Most westerly point on Nam Ngum Reservoir
WP 5 - Peninsula on the eastern shore of Nam Ngum Reservoir
Nam Ngum Reservoir, looking SW
Wattay International VLVT