Podgorica Valley Run

Take off from the capital of Montenegro and explore the mountains to the NE.
-/o\- CLASSIFIED: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: You will enter Albanian airspace at WP 4. Fly at low altitude down the valley to WP 7 and take as many photos as possible, particularly looking for air defence facilities. If you are intercepted by the Albanian air force, just pretend you got lost! -/o\-


Heading north over Podogorica.

WP 1 - Hill | Turn right into the valley for 9 nm

Into the valley

Just as the valley takes a hard left turn, climb out to WP 3 - Meadows

WP 3 - Valley

Mt. Vila, 6,991 ft

WP 4 - Cross valley, lake | Keep left of Mt. Vila, 6,991 ft

Mt. Vila, 6,991 ft

WP 5 - Valley | HDG 240 for 9 nm

WP 6 - Plateau | 3,000 ft

WP 6 - Plateau | 3,000 ft

WP 7 - Hill 708 ft | Turn right to airport

Podgorica (LYPG)

Podgorica, capital of Montenegro