Arabian Sea’s Towering Cliffs at Salalah

Salalah is the capital of Dhofar province, subject to monsoonal weather and known for it's role in the spice trade. Fly SW along the plateau and return at low level via the spectacular cliffs lining the Arabian Sea.

NOTAM: 20 nm: Local flight over Salalah | 114 nm: Entire route


WP 1 - Town | Fly SW along the plateau for 40 nm

WP 2 - End of the first plateau

WP 3 - Intersection / town | Follow the road

WP 4 - Compound | Turn L for 4.6nm to the coast

WP 5 - Coastal town: Dhalqut

WP 6 - Headland

WP 7 - Port of Salalah



Salalah OOSA