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San Marino

Borders within Borders

San Marino is a geographically small country located within the borders of Italy. The nearest airport is Rimini Military, on the east coast of Italy and about 5 nm from the San Marino Border.
This flight incorporates the capital, which is 1 nm long atop a central ridge, and the S and W borders. Consider WP 4 optional. The Italians won't mind a minor transgression into their airspace, it happens all the time over San Marino. NB: A slow aircraft is recommended (cruise speed 80-100 kts). Jet aircraft will find very difficult to stay within the borders.
An alternate approach to seeing all of San Marino would be to fly to the capital at WP 2 and then clockwise around the ridge.
Between WP 6 and 7 you will see Tiro a Volo San Marino (Shooting Club) on the left.


Steer towards the N end of the main ridge (WP 2)
WP 1 - NE border San Marino / Italy
WP 2 - Basilica di San Marino
WP 3 - Buildings
WP 4 - Intersection
WP 5 - Building on the border
WP 6 - Lake
Tiro a Volo San Marino (Shooting Club)
Tiro a Volo San Marino (Shooting Club)
WP 7 - NE border SanMarino / Italy
Rimini (LIPR)