Kosice and Presov Regions

Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia. Fly over Kosice and follow the motorways in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the large dam at Ruzin.


Follow the valley N over Kosice

Follow the valley N over Kosice

WP 1 - Follow the valley N over Kosice to Kisak Rail yards

WP 2 - Follow the motorway N

WP 3 - North end of Presov Rail yards | Follow the motorways west

WP 4 - Veer left at Hendrichovce

WP 5 - Siroke | Leave the two main roads as they veer west, and follow the road south through the valley to Kluknava

Looking west over Siroke

WP 6 - Kluknava | HDG 117

Past Margecany | OPTIONAL: Follow the river



WP 7 - Ruzin Hydroelectric Dam

OPTIONAL: Follow the river and valley

WP 8 - Kisak Rail yards, North end | Turn south over Kosice

Kisak Rail yards

Kosice (LZKZ

Kosice (LZKZ