Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad North West


Just off the north coast of Venezuela lay the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, one of the larger island chains in the West Indies.
Fly out out of Piarco International Airport TTPP 10,457, across the the capital Port of Spain, explore the north east coast of Trinidad and return across the east to west mountain range.
NOTAM: At Chacachacare. Venezuela is visible 5 nautical miles to the west across Bocas del Dragon.
Round trips: 58 nm: At WP 5 Diego Martin, turn south and follow the valley south for 5nm to WP 2 - Intersection at Fort George then return to Piarco airport. 70 nm plus: Explore the north east coast: Fly directly to WP 6, follow the coast to the east. At the most easterly point turn south and follow the coast. When ready, return via WP 7 or directly to Piarco airport. 72 nm: Entire route

Nav data


WP 1 - Harbour at Port of Spain

WP 2 - Intersection at Fort George

WP 3 - Caribbean Dockyard

WP 4 - Chacachacare (lighthouse)

WP 5 - Town of Diego Martin

Looking south from the Town of Diego

WP 5 - Headland at Filette

WP 6 - Intersection at Valencia

Piarco TTPP