Izmir on the Agean

Izmir is the second largest city on the Agean Sea, after Athens and the third largest population centre in Turkey.
Explore the broad valley to the east, and the resorts and shoreline to the north and west.
The second half of the flight is a coastal run which takes you over the colourful alluvial flood plains to the NE of Izmir.
Take off from Adnan Menderes Airport, fly past Sirinyer Racecourse and Kulturpark Izmir to Izmir Docks at WP 1. Then fly east to the major centre of Turgutlu and NW past Manisa to Guselhisar Dam.
Return distances:


Kulturpark Izmir

WP 1 - Izmir Docks

Valley to the east

Valley to the east

Approaching Turgutlu

WP 2 - Turgutlu Stadium

Pass Asagi Cobanisa

WP 3 - Manisa

WP 3 - Manisa

WP 4 - Guzelhisar Dam

WP 4 - Guzelhisar Dam

Industrial Estate

WP 5 - River mouth: Guzelhisar Creek

Yenifoca, POL Storage

WP 6 - Foca Harbour

Alluvial flood plains

Adnan Menderes LTBJ