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"FSAddon Publishing was founded by Miguel Blaufuks and François Dumas, with the main purpose of publishing new and existing software add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator range of products. "

" But not just any add-ons! Our aim is to provide additional immersion in using the simulation by providing high-quality complete packages that do more than just add an airfield, a utility or an aircraft.

We are aiming to provide ‘reality kits’ that are a combination of additional FS software AND other things such as a story line, navigational information and tools, and even community access via the Internet. "

The company is based upon the already existing company simMarket and the associated www.simflight.com Network.

The company’s aim is 3-tiered:

  1. To substantially expand the possibilities for beginning simpilots to use their flight simulator
  2. To provide high-quality, extensive add-ons to the more experienced simpilots
  3. To lower the thresholds for communicating and flying together using flight simulators and the internet

Contacts :

François A. Dumas
Publisher and Creative Director
FSAddon Publishing

Miguel Blaufuks
Sales and Marketing
FSAddon Publishing