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Company Background

Hasbro Interactive, Inc. is a leading all-family interactive games publisher, formed in 1995 to bring to life on the computer the deep library of toy and board games of parent company, Hasbro, Inc. (AMEX:HAS). Hasbro Interactive has expanded its charter to include original and licensed games for the PC, the PlayStation®, Nintendo® 64 and SEGA DreamcastTM game consoles and for multi-player gaming over the Internet. Headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, Hasbro Interactive has offices in the U.K., Germany, Australia and Canada.

Since 1995 Hasbro Interactive has climbed the ranks of the interactive entertainment industry and in less than four years has become the third largest publisher, based on PC Data unit sales. In December 1997, Hasbro Interactive landed more titles on the top-selling PC games chart than any other publisher with classics like TonkaÒ, MonopolyÒ, ScrabbleÒ, and FroggerÒ in the top-20 PC Data lists. Forging ahead in 1998, the company strengthened its line-up with its own classics, with its critically acclaimed acquisition of Atari game properties and with computer and video game versions of Hollywood's blockbuster movies and hottest television game shows.

Hasbro Interactive Worldwide Employees: 250


Atari, Inc. Game Properties

In March 1998, Hasbro Interactive announced that a subsidiary of the company acquired copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property assets of Atari, Inc from JTS Corporation. The Atari range offers addictive pick-up-and-play style gameplay and further enhances Hasbro Interactive's position in the action games category. The first wave of Atari games were launched in the autumn of 1999, and included Pong, The Next Tetris, Centipede and Missile Command. The brand will be further developed in the year 2000, bringing both new content with titles like Nerf Arena and Stunt GP, and classic remakes like Breakout and Frogger 2.

Avalon Hill Game Company

In October 1998, The Avalon Hill Game Company officially became part of the Hasbro Family.

Avalon Hill has created some of the greatest strategy, simulation and adventure role playing brands in the gaming world and it is currently being integrated into the Hasbro organization. Hasbro Interactive looks forward to taking these great brands to new levels in the interactive game arena.

MicroProse, Inc.

In October 1998, entertainment software publisher MicroProse, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. and has successfully been integrated into Hasbro Interactive.

The acquisition of MicroProse will significantly enhance Hasbro Interactive in three key strategic growth areas: brands and content, R&D assets, and European distribution.

MicroProse will provide Hasbro Interactive with product strength in the strategy, simulation, and 3D action game categories, enabling Hasbro Interactive to compete in virtually all major PC game categories. Hasbro Interactive is also looking to take these great games to new platforms.

Some of MicroProse's award-winning brands include Magic the Gathering, Falcon, MechWarrior, Civilization, Grand Prix Racing, Star Trek Next Generation, X-COM, Gunship, M1 Tank Platoon, Railroad Tycoon and Rollercoster Tycoon.

Copy supplied to MiGMan by Hasbro, 2000.