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Rinker Buck: Flight of Passage  
about:   Flight of Passage is the story of a flight across America by two brothers in July 1966. The flight is really the heart of it, a funny, inspiring, and occasionally hair-raising adventure story.
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Rinker Buck
Flight of Passage movie (not quite) and MSFS Test Flight   USA   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
about:   I found a 2015 journal entry where I wrote about a planned movie of Flight of Passage. | This morning I decided to do some testing of the VFR Flight of Passage re-creation idea in MSFS using the Savage Cub.
Tags:   VFR Pilot notes   article updated:   2020-09-28
Rinker Buck
Flight of Passage re-done in 2014!  
about:   I’m making plans to try the Flight of Passage flight in MSFS 2020 now that I’ve got good graphics and can capture video etc. While searching for info on one of these I found an AOPA article about a couple who bought the Bucks’ old Cub, restored it again, and flew the route in 2014!
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Rinker Buck

Buck family home movies of Kern Buck’s first solo in 1964  
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Flight of Passage recreated in 2014.  
about:   A couple bought the Bucks’ old Cub, restored it again, and flew the route in 2014!. This zoom event remembering the trip in June 2020 with Rinker Buck as a special guest.
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