Dominic Robinson

  • content_pasteDominic has been in the industry since 1986, working at Hewson Consultants, Graftgold, Vektor Grafix, MicroProse and most recently Psygnosis (Head of Software Engineering). Dominic has lead the development of or developed engine technology for the following products: Uridium (Sinclair Spectrum), Zynaps (Spectrum), Anarchy (Spectrum), Flying Shark (Spectrum), Rainbow Islands (AtariST, Amiga), Simulcra (AtariST, Amiga), Space Shuttle Simulator (PC, AtariST, Amiga), Killing Cloud (PC, AtariST, Amiga), Death or Glory (PC, AtariST, Amiga), B17 (PC, AtariST, Amiga), Assault Rigs (PC, PlayStation), G-Police (PC, PlayStation), Overboard (PC, PlayStation. - courtesy of Hasbro, 2000
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