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3-D Helicopter Simulator

Scott 'Zuma' Wolf does some detective work.

A rare sim!

That Sierra 3-D Helicopter Simulation is so rare that no one at Sierra could find anything pertaining to it for me. Only one or two people even remembered hearing about it. Unfortunately, Sierra 3D Helicopter Simulator was not the program on the disk in the box.
Although properly labeled, the disk contained instead LHX Attack Chopper !!!

This is the first and only box of this game I've ever seen. It's a final, boxed retail copy complete with UPC code, advertising inserts and registration cards, 3.5 floppy disk, Quickstart Guide and 32-page manual, all Copyright 1987. The official title is/was Sierra's 3-D Helicopter Simulator." "
The 3-view illustration on the manual cover shows a Hughes 500, which I believe is also the helo you're "in" on the box cover, Apache notwithstanding. From shots on the back of the box it looks more like an old Bell 47G with a covered boom. "
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