A-10 Warthog

Pre-Alpha screenshots of Jane's A-10 Warthog sim. These pictures are courtesy of Jan-Albert van Ree

Beautifully rendered clouds and rolling terrain frame the A-10 Warthog .

Good shot!!! Iron bombs rain down on a convoy as it crosses a bridge.

This planning screen looked better than some Real Time Strategy games! Town planning was obviously still in the early stages...

These snaps were taken by the EA / Janes A10 Warthog development team on a field trip to the 358th sqdn. | Looking back over the pilots's right shoulder.

The left canopy frame and rear view mirror.

The HUD (Heads Up Display) is projected onto this glass pane.

Left instrument panel. Note the Radar warning Receiver (RWR) at top right, the Stores Management Panel below (with the square buttons) and the Landing Gear lever at left (The white lever).

The Infra Red and TV targeting display is protected by a perspex panel, probably to improve contrast and avoid scratching.

Throttle control.

A "blue" A-10 climbs above a low cloud layer .

A nice close-up shows the weathering on the A-10 skin and the little pilot guy.

As the A-10 drops a load of Snakeye Retarded bombs, you can see the fins opening. These fins slow the descent of the bombs and give the A-10 time to escape the blast radius.

A-10 Warthog flying over the runway... I don't think he'll land on this pass!

These beautiful works of Aviation art would have graced the screens, or computer screens, of A-10 Warthog lovers the world over.

Gunners take potshots at a fleeing A-10 Warthog

You'd better duck!!!! The A-10 cannon fires depleted uranium shells the size of coke bottles.

The main hangar in A-10 where presumably arming and maintenance took place.

Whooooaaammphaaa! A tank brews up spectacularly and pops the turret.

The briefing room.

The briefing room with the door closed.

Like its namesake, the Thunderbolt strikes without warning.

Mmm.... I see cluster munitions, LAU series unguided rockets, Laser Guided bombs and Infra Red or TV guided Mavericks on this A-10. Maybe the hardest part of flying the A-10 is remembering how to operate all the different weapons systems!

Loaded with 254 BLU-61/B bomblets. The BLU-61/B bomblet is a 1.0kg dual anti-material incendiary/fragmentation bomblet which is spherical in shape and filled with zirconium and composition-B.
These pictures are courtesy of Jan-Albert van Ree.
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