Aces Collection Series :Artwork & Packaging


3 double sided maps for Aces Over Europe.

1 Kriegsmarine map of the North Atlantic

2 CD ROM's containing: A10 Tank Killer, A-10 Tank Killer 2: Silent Thunder, Aces of the Deep, Aces of the Pacific, Aces Over Europe, Red Baron | Manuals | Aviation Pioneers - a multimedia history of early flight.

2 blank 3.5" floopy disks to create boot disks

102 page manual containing: A history of Dynamix by John Bruning | Installation Procedures | Instructions for DOS | Aces of the Deep Tutorial (57 pages) | Quick reference pages.

This image from the manual shows something I had believed that the designers of Microsoft's 'Crimson Skies' had invented. A fantasy. But no, here it is!