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Air Combat Yugekioh II

Air Combat Yugekioh II

Satoshi "Bin" Hiranuma reported :


"According to the background story in the manual the time is the near future. The earth is divided into 5 zones:

The player is a mercenary pilot working for APEN.

Yugeki-oh II has two modes: FLIGHT MODE and MISSION MODE.

In the FLIGHT MODE, you can fly over twelve areas of the world. The MISSION MODE is a campaign. The player is appointed to second lieutenant and ordered to complete various missions such as reconnaissance, strike, intercept and escort. The player is promoted as a result of successful missions.

Air Combat Yugeki-oh II

Avionics and weapons

The cockpit consists of a HUD and two MFDs, the left MFD for a omnidirectional RADAR and an automatic target tracking camera, the center MFD for a map. MI-C.A.D.O. has two rail guns as internal weapons and can carry AAMs and AGMs as external ordnance. In reconnaissance missions it can carry a camera.

Air Combat Yugeki-oh II