Air Power The Cold War

Convair B-36B 'Peacemaker'

Have a weekend with nothing to do? Off you go then, on a 2 day flight without landing! Because that's the sort of thing you can do in a B-36.
These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 near RAF Mildenhall, UK.
Dogged by controversy and funding problems during its design phase in the latter years of WW2, as well as performance issues during its 10 years in service, the B-36 remains a true wonder of the aeronautical age.
Powered by 6 28-cyl radials (and later 4 turbojets as well), the B-36 flew high and slow. It was not uncommon to stay aloft for 2 days without refuelling. The last B-36 was retired in 1958 when the type was replaced by the B-52.

Length: 162 ft 1 ins
Wing span: 230 ft
Weight: 250,300 lbs combat weight
Power: 6 x P & W R-4360-41 Wasp Majors, 3,500 HP each
Max speed: 406 mph
Range: 3,065 miles
AFX Designer : Michael Davies
Panel : Phil Perrott
FDE : Michael Davies
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