Air Power The Cold War

North American B-45C Tornado

The virtual cockpit is good and combined with the pop-up Altimeter - Airspeed and Rate of Climb panel makes it a good choice for visual flights like MiGMan's Cold War missions - Gibraltar recce.

These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 at Gibraltar AB.

First flown in 1947, the B-45 was one of the USA's first jet bombers.
The bomber version was soon eclipsed by other aircraft, but the aircraft went on to serve very well as the RB-45C reconnaissance version and carried out many secret missions in the Korean War. Only 10 B-45Cs were new-built planes. Ultimately, most of the 96 B-45As were brought up to 'C' standards. This plane represents a B-45C of the 86th Squadron, 47th Bomb Group circa 1952.