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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Air Power The Cold War

Boeing B-52F Stratofortress

I took these pictures on my Hakodate Dawn mission at 1300 hrs. These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.
Starting this beast up and watching the Engine indicators - count them! - come to life is fun. Landing it is even more fun!

Produced in the late 50's, the F models were distinct in that they were the first aircraft to be involved in the Vietnam conflict.
This model depicts the first version of camouflage that was applied to the B-52 in the late 60's. 550173 was retired 22/09/71.
Length: 160 Feet 10 Inches
Wing span: 185 Feet
Weight: 488,000 lbs (Max. T/O Weight)
Weight: 190,000 lbs (Empty)
Power: 8 X 13,750 lb st P&W J57-P-43WB's
Maximum Speed: 516 kts
Range: 7,500 miles
AFX Designer : Eric Johnson, Michael Davies
Panel : Phil Perrott
MP : Michael Davies

Feature Implemented? Comments

Full 2D cockpit YES
Virtual cockpit YES Works well
Autopilot console YES Integrated into the 2D cockpit
Navigation console YES
Primary Flight Instruments console YES Use with the Virtual cockpit
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