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Air Power The Cold War

English Electric Canberra B.2

Gibraltar Recce. Gibraltar Airbase, 1952, 0730 hrs. I actually flew the route at 0800 to get better lighting for the screenshots. Try it at the earlier time, it's more fun!
These screenshots were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 at Gibraltar AB.
Here's a fun mission that takes only 15 minutes to fly using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. You can fly the whole mission with one eye on the compass heading and one eye (and your camera) out the cockpit window.
Conduct an early photo-recce over the North African airbases of Tunisia and Tangiers.
The leg between B and C is through some winding valleys and will test your nerve at 200 feet! Don't forget to turn Terrain Mesh complexity to 100 %.

First flown in 1949, the Canberra was the RAF's first axial-jet aircraft. Its superb low-level agility belied its bomber role.
A large relative wing area also meant it could excel as a high-level photo recon platform, which in its PR.9 form the Canberra still serves today, over 50 years in service.
Length: 65ft 6ins
Span: 63ft 11.5 ins
Weight:Max 46000lbs
Power:Two Avon 101 @ 6500 lbs thrust
Range:2.656 miles
AFX Designer : Michael Davies
Panel : Phil Perrott
MP : Steve Bezant

Feature Implemented? Comments

Full 2D cockpit YES
Virtual cockpit YES Works well
Autopilot console YES Integrated into the 2D cockpit
Navigation console YES
Primary Flight Instruments console YES Use with the Virtual cockpit

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