Air Power The Cold War

F-102A Delta Dagger

I took these pictures on my Hakodate Dawn mission in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

Pilot's notes
As the world's first delta-wing fighter, the prototype XF-92A was first flown in 1953. Design problems meant that only after some development could the later versions reach supersonic speeds.
The '102 had a dual-stick control system where the pilot controled the radar with one hand and flew with the other. The Dagger was also unique for a fighter in that it carried missiles internally. Many F-102s ended their careers as pilotless target drones.
Length: 68 ft 5 ins
Span: 38 ft 2 ins
Weight: 31,500 lbs max
Power: One 17,500 lbs J-57-23 2-shaft augmented turbojet
Range: 1350 miles
AFX Designer : Simon Perkins, Michael Davies
Panel : Phil Perrott
MP : Michael Davies
I like this F-102 cockpit, the instruments are large and easy to read and the virtual cockpit is excellent, giving an unobostructed view but still the impression of looking out of a cockpit. Unobstructed that is except for the unusual centre canopy rail which maks for interesting landings!