Air Power The Cold War

Gloster Meteor F.Mk 8

As the Allies' first operational jet fighter, the Meteor underwent rapid development, especially of its engines. The underpowered 1943 prototype was transformed by a sequence of more powerful engines into an outstanding multi-role aircraft. The Meteor stayed in production until 1956, a total of 3,947 were built. This aircraft is from 245(F) Squadron based at RAF Horsham St Faith which took part in the 1951 flight refuelling trials.

Length: 44ft 7in (13.59m)
Weight: E/L 10626/15700lbs
Wing span: 37 ft 2in (11.33m)
Power : 2 x RR Derwent 8, 3600lbs.
AFX Designer : Chris Lampard / Steve Bezant
Panel : Phil Perrott
Date : April 1999