Air Power The Cold War

Lockheed P-3A Orion

The Orion was based on the Electra airliner and was first flown in 1958. Designed as a replacement for the P-2 Neptune, the Orion has served with many airforces throughout the world. Its extreme range and ability to carry offensive weapons on up to 8 hard points make it a potent anti-submarine platform. This aircraft was acquired by Spain from the US Navy and was allocated to 221 ESC.

Length: 116ft 10ins
Span: 99ft 8ins
Weight: 142 000 lbs max
Power: 4 Alison T56-14 Turboprops
Range: 2,383 miles
Speed: 473mph max
AFX Designer : Michael Davies
Panel : Phil Perrott
MP : Steve Bezant