Air Power The Cold War

The Team

Aircraft design: Michael Davies, Chris Lampard, Colin Norwood, Eric C Johnson, Simon Perkins, Steve Bezant
Panels : Phil Perrott
Gauges : Richard Melville, HGHB Virtual Instruments
Sounds : Mike Hambly
Scenery : Michael Davies
Manual text : Steve Bezant
Project management, manual additions & Quick
Combat file amendments : Alex Ford
Special thanks to Midland Air Museum, Bagington, Warwickshire. Jet Age Museum, Staverton, Gloucestershire.
Publishing and commercial : Mungo Amyatt-Leir and Andre Payne
Packaging and documentation designed by The Producers - special thanks to Richard Pomfret, Darryl Fickling, Oliver Hilton and Dale Nicholson.
Translations by Thomas Moser and editing by Dermot Stapleton.
Original artworks kindly supplied by Wilf Hardy.
Project management, customer service and logistics - Roger Large and The Producers - thanks go to Andy Hoskin, Gary Winter, Dav Line, Tammi Scrimshaw, David Strawson, Alec Pack, Jason Carpenter and Paul Holmes
All matters financial - many thanks to Ann Clinton, Louise Gilbert and Nigel Wayne.