ATAC: The Secret War against Drugs Review

Review by J.T. Wenting

ATAC puts you in the position of group leader of a mixed squadron of F-22s and AH-64s deployed to Colombia by the United Nations to fight the drug cartels.
The manual contains a quite well-written background story to explain how your deployment to Colombia came to be.
As squadron leader, your job is not only to fly, you must also plan the missions. You set the targets and determine the route. During mission execution, you can jump into any cockpit you want and fly that plane or helicopter (somewhat like Israeli Air Force).
Distribution media was a 3.5" HD diskette.

This sim was probably too ambitious for the day, as many current sims show elements introduced here, such as dynamic campaigns.
In my memory, this sim flies like a pig. It is slow, sluggish, and quite unresponsive. This may be due in part to the bad stick I had then, but even on a 486-66 with 24MB RAM it was slow. A sim which requires (according to the manual) a 286 should do better.
-J.T. Wenting
MiGMan thanks J T. Wenting. NOTE: It screams on a Pentium... as you would expect.
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