Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The development team

The Blue Arrow FS Team

Aircraft design and build: Roger Dial
Al aircraft design and build: Marc Siegel
Airfield scenery design and build: Martin Wright
Aircraft textures, Fighters and Chipmunks: David Eckert
Aircraft textures, Lancaster and Dakota: Roger Dial
Campaign: Ron Lewandowski assisted by Ken French & Martin Wright.
Damage profiles: Ken French
Gauge design and build: Richard Melville
Flight models: Bruce Thorson
Missions: Ron Lewandowski assisted by Ken French & Martin Wright.
Panels design and build: JL Stubbs
Sounds: Mike Hambly
Team management: Mike Hambly
Technical assistance: Ken French & Martin Wright.
Beta testing: Ken French & Mike Ellis

The Just Flight Team

Product management, final software compilation, original manual and project research: Alex Ford
Manual editing: Dermot Stapleton, Mark Embleton
Operations & Logistics: Andy Payne
Sales: Roger Large
Project liaison: Mungo Amyatt-Leir
Packaging creative and design: The Producers - James Lawrence, Oliver Hilton, Darryl Fickling,
Richard Pomfret, Dan Stoneham
Manufacturing and production: The Producers - Andy Hoskin, Kate Stockley, Craig McFadyen,
Gary Winter, Mick Jensen
Technical support: Paul Holmes
Customer services: David Line, Sam Whittamore, Tammi Scrimshaw, Jo Booth, Simon King
Financials: Ann Clinton, Louise Gilbert
Special beta testing: Stuart Downs
FS2002 flight modelling: Bruno Duffort

Credits (from the manual):

Special thanks to the following:
All at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Royal Air Force Coningsby for their kind and unstinting assistance and help.
Flight One Software for their technical assistance in this project.
DeltaWeb for their kind permission for supplying the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight screensaver.
Alpha Simulations for their kind permission to use the MiG-I 9 model.
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