MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The development team

The Blue Arrow FS Team

Aircraft design and build: Roger Dial
Al aircraft design and build: Marc Siegel
Airfield scenery design and build: Martin Wright
Aircraft textures, Fighters and Chipmunks: David Eckert
Aircraft textures, Lancaster and Dakota: Roger Dial
Campaign: Ron Lewandowski assisted by Ken French & Martin Wright.
Damage profiles: Ken French
Gauge design and build: Richard Melville
Flight models: Bruce Thorson
Missions: Ron Lewandowski assisted by Ken French & Martin Wright.
Panels design and build: JL Stubbs
Sounds: Mike Hambly
Team management: Mike Hambly
Technical assistance: Ken French & Martin Wright.
Beta testing: Ken French & Mike Ellis

The Just Flight Team

Product management, final software compilation, original manual and project research: Alex Ford
Manual editing: Dermot Stapleton, Mark Embleton
Operations & Logistics: Andy Payne
Sales: Roger Large
Project liaison: Mungo Amyatt-Leir
Packaging creative and design: The Producers - James Lawrence, Oliver Hilton, Darryl Fickling,
Richard Pomfret, Dan Stoneham
Manufacturing and production: The Producers - Andy Hoskin, Kate Stockley, Craig McFadyen,
Gary Winter, Mick Jensen
Technical support: Paul Holmes
Customer services: David Line, Sam Whittamore, Tammi Scrimshaw, Jo Booth, Simon King
Financials: Ann Clinton, Louise Gilbert
Special beta testing: Stuart Downs
FS2002 flight modelling: Bruno Duffort

Credits (from the manual):

Special thanks to the following:
All at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Royal Air Force Coningsby for their kind and unstinting assistance and help.
Website: www.bbmt.co.uk
Flight One Software for their technical assistance in this project.
Website: www.flightl.com
DeltaWeb for their kind permission for supplying the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight screensaver.
Website: www.deltaweb.co.uk
Alpha Simulations for their kind permission to use the MiG-I 9 model.
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