MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Battle over Europe


Offline campaigns

Enlist in dozens of historical squadrons and choose between several historical planes for each campaign, with distinct missions for each campaign/plane combination.
Mission types in these campaigns include air superiority, free hunt over enemy territory, bomber intercept, paratrooper intercept, ground attack, close air support, and many others mission types against dozens of potential target types in thousands of locations.


May 1944: France - Bf-109G-6, Bf-109G-6 Late, FW-190A-8
June 1944: The Invasion - Bf-109G-6, Bf-109G-6 Late, FW-190A-8, Me 262A-2a
September 1944: Berlin Air Defense - Bf-109G-6 Late, Bf-109G-6/AS, BF-109G-10, Bf-109G-14, FW-190A-8
November 1944: Hungary Air Defense - Bf-109G-6 Late, Bf-109G-6/AS, BF-109G-10, Bf-109G-14, FW-190A-8, FW-190D-9
December 1944: Ardennes Offensive - Bf-109G-6/AS, BF-109G-10, Bf-109G-14, Bf-109K-4, FW-190A-8, FW-190A-9, Me-262A-2a
February 1945: The Last Days - Bf-109G-6/AS, BF-109G-10, Bf-109G-14, Bf-109K-4, FW-190A-9, FW-190D-9, Me-262A-1a


May 1944: Preparing the Invasion - P-47D-10, P-47D-22, P-47D-27, P-51D-5
June 1944: Operation Overlord - P-47D-10, P-47D-22, P-47D-27, P-51D-5
September 1944: Bombing Berlin - P-47D-10, P-47D-22, P-47D-27, P-51D-5
November 1944: Bombing Hungary - P-47D-10, P-47D-22, P-47D-27, P-51D-5
December 1944: The Battle of the Bulge - P-47D-10, P-47D-22, P-47D-27, P-51D-5
February 1945: The Last Days - P-47D-10, P-47D-22, P-47D-27, P-51D-5

Online campaigns

Host can choose from dozens of historical squadrons for Luftwaffe and USAAF, set force balance and order of battle, players can choose between multiple ground and air objectives in each mission. Host can choose between historical front line movements, or situation at the front directly influenced by player performance from mission to mission. Many other customisation options are available to host, with statistics of best player performance automatically generated.

Available campaigns

Ardennes Winter

Ardennes Summer - fictional campaign, ideal for quick and intense non-historical battles
Pacific - fictional campaign with USAAF vs. Japan with intense battles over a small sized map
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