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Check Six Cockpit

Check Six

Check Six was the first flight simulation from Pegasus Japan on the NEC PC-9801 Series. In this game the player is a mercenary pilot who gets rewarded for successful missions and can buy aircraft.

The scenario

The Package contains a 40 page manual and 2 floppy disks.

Flyable aircraft are A-4, A-10, F-5E, F-4, F-14, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-117, AV-8B, TORNADO, Mirage2000, JA-37 and MiG-29.
A-10 Warthog

Screen resolution is 640 x 400 pixels and 16 colors. It gives a similar impression to Air Combat III.
Splash Screen
Loadout Screen


Used with permission from Satoshi "Bin" Hiranuma's

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AVIONICS  for PC combat flight simulation - Japanese Flight Simulation - homepage1.nifty.com/avionics/index-e.phpl -  >> 2010 update - web page gone << 

Check Six Splash Screen

Check Six cockpit

A-10 Warthog

Loadout Menu  -

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