Chuck Yeager Chuck Yeager
Title - Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
Release Date - 1990
Developer - Brent Iverson
Publisher - Electronic Arts
Collection - - EA Classix budget release CDROM.
Handbook (strategy guide) published by Prima and Computer Gaming World in 1992. 222 pp.
Comments - Exhibit contains 1 hour of free audio - Yeager talking about tactics and flying. Chuck Yeager's Air Combat was for many people their first exposure to PC flight simulation of any kind and the beginning of a life-long hobby.

Chuck Yeager welcomes you into the sim with a croaky 8-bit sample: "It's a great day for flying". It was pretty high-tech at the time.... talking computers!

Screenshot from Chuck Yeager

The box for Chuck Yeagers Air Combat

Chuck Yeagers Air Combat
"The One" magazine 1991

Chuck Yeager

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