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Crimson Skies

MiGMan's review

Based on the board game design franchise developed by Jordan Weisner and FASA, who were also responsible for the MechCommander series of games and adaptations.
Set in a parallel universe in 1937, the game sets up a world where the USA is divided into small nations and Air Power rules the day. Weisner has combined elements of the swashbuckling 1930's pulp fiction hero with, in his words "Air Combat with everything taken out except the fun!".
In my opinion he and the FASA team have suceeded grandly. This is a game you can jump in to for 10 minutes at a time and be guaranteed thrills... and spills!

MiGMan goes to Hollywood

The map

Your pilot's diary allows you to replay any mission. I liked to play some missions over and over just to check out the scenery and fly the "Danger Zones".
Hughes P21-J Mark III Devastator

Boy oh boy did I crash and burn attempting a knife edge pass through the " O " in Hollywood!
I went through endless coffee and jellybeans in the attempt!
Outer Space

Empire State Building - Manhatten

Great Pyramids in Egypt
You can get down and dirty in the Hollywood streets - zipping between the Palm Trees and over the swimming pools.

To the rescue of yet another fair damsel.

Look, there she is! Yea - down there.Here we go!
Docking takes place automatically when you fly under your zeppelin. If you're feeling particularly shagged - as I often was after many reattempts at a mission - you can just press "A" to auto-dock. You still have to be near the zeppelin.
A nice feature is that the cut sequences use the actual game graphics engine and feature the aircraft type you have flown.
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