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Dam Busters
Exhibit: Dam Busters

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Release Date: 1985
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Glenn Campbell recalled:

I recall playing this on a Coleco ADAM computer (via cartridge) and being absolutely hooked on it. The game met it's demise when I finally avoided the Messerschmitts, flak and crashing to reach the dam, pressed the release button for the bomb, and the screen simply went white.

Imagine what happened to that cartridge....

Still loads of fun managing engines and positions though, and what a great mission!

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You are first presented with the splash screen.

Dam Busters - Splash Screen

... and then you get to read the credits.

Dam Busters Credits

Third is the main menu where you can choose the kind of game to play.

Dam Busters Main Screen

When in the game you have the following crew stations available:

Pilots view

Dam Busters - Pilot's view

Front gunner and rear gunners look almost the same, just that you see everything moving in the opposite direction.

Dam Busters - Rear Gunner view


Dam Busters - Bombadier view

Engine management

Dam Busters - engine management

Dam Busters - engine management 2

Status view

Dam Busters - status

Map view

Dam Busters - UK map

Dam Busters - Germany map

When flying, you can experience flak, enemy fighters and spotlights. The fighter has to be shot down, and you can turn out the spotlights by shooting at the lamp.

Dam Busters - Searchlight and fighter

When approaching the dam you have to go to the bomber view to open the bomb doors and then aim at the dam.

When you drop the bomb you get to see it bounce on the water.

Dam Busters

Dam Busters

... and then you get to see the dam and whether it was hit or not.

Dam Busters

MiGMan thanks Elias Mårtenson from Sweden for the screenshots and information.

Note: The screen shots are from the VICE emulator. Go to Gamebase 64 for all your Commodore emulation needs! PLEASE don't email me and ask questions about running emulators! Nevertheless here's the file: Dambusters game file