Dangerous Airports

  • content_pasteEnables you to fly into new airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. What makes these airports so dangerous? These airports are all located hundreds or thousands of miles apart. But in a word - what makes these airports dangerous is the surrounding terrain. Weather, high altitude, narrow approaches and hidden runways all add to the challenge. And designers Jim Rhoads and Tim Dickens are carefully detailing each airport to bring you an authentic flight experience.
    Airports: Dutch Harbor - Aleutian Islands | Funchal, Madiera Island (Portugal) | Innsbruck, Austria | Kathmandu, Nepal | Guatemala City, Guatemala | Aspen, Colorado | Kodiak, Alaska | Akureyri, Iceland | Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland | Templehoff Berlin, Germany.
  • date_rangePublished: 1998
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