EF 2000 : Checklists

30 miles to airport
Contact airport 'For recovery'Tab
Locate the active runway on your airfield diagram on page 251 of the manual.
Activate ILSI
On finals
Steer the velocity vector through the boxes to landing
 EF 2000
Set Autothrottle to 150 knots
Autothrottle OFFA
Throttle to idle 
Brake chute DEPLOYShift B
Taxi to parkingSpeed less than 10 knots
Air refuelling
HUD to refuel modeShift ' (single quote)
Request 'To join'Tab
Autopilot ONA
Autopilot to TRACK modeA
Adjust a/p speed for a slow overtake when close 
 EF 2000
(single quote)
 EF 2000