EF 2000 : System Requirements

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If you have a fast 486, this sim will run very smoothly in 320 x 200 resolution. If you are a Pentium owner, rejoice and revel in the SVGA terrain. Get the Super EF2000 version for Win'95.
CPU: Min req486 DX66
CPU: RecommendedPentium 90 or higher
Optical Disk: Min req2 x CD ROM
Optical Disk: Recommended4 x CDROM
Sound: Min reqSoundcard
Sound: RecommendedSoundcard
Video: Min reqSVGA graphics
Video: RecommendedSVGA accelerated graphics card
Controller: Min reqMouse
Controller: RecommendedThrustmaster (or similar) joystick
Mark Hermonat reported: I am running EF2000 v2.0 on a 486-75 laptop. Slow but worth every frame!