Enemy Engaged Apache vs. Havoc

A living world

The world of EECvH is so dynamic and interesting that it invites you to get in there and look around, beyond the attraction of flying missions.
It really set a gold standard for this kind of sim environment that has still not been matched some 20 years later.
To get an appreciation of the amount of activity going on you can press F11 and the viewpoint will jump to a new object every 5 seconds or so.
The amount of detail in the objects is absolutely staggering. I spent 5 minutes just admiring the moving radar arrays on the Kutsnetsov class carrier. Looking closer and closer I noticed that the guard rails were individually modelled... and check out the polygons and transparent glass in the control tower!
Each component of the Kutznetsov Class Carrier is modelled in 3D.
This amazing attention to detail carries right throughout the sim. I nearly jumped out of my cockpit when a troop carrier landed next to me and the hatch slid open with a loud thud! When the door had opened you could see right through the helo.
Even more amazing was landing near a group of tents in the field and seeing tables and chairs... yes, tables - map reading variety and chairs - folding variety.

Soviet Assets

This friendly MiG-29 has engine damage. I didn't see a lot of action in my short visit but the missile trails and flares looked great... uh oh, now you know who caused the damage!
Su-25 Sturmoviks on the prowl.
A Yak-141 VTOL comes in to land.
There are three campaign areas: Cuba, Burma/Thailand and Georgia. The campaigns are fully dynamic, the action even continues while you refuel and rearm!

Ground units

I even saw a convoy making its way along a winding mountain road, with each vehicle kicking up a cloud of dust. The most amazing thing to me the vehicles actually stayed on the roads!!!
Quite an impressive programming feat.
Armour groups take up position on a road flanked by dense forest.
I had always wondered where the operator sat in an M-48 Chapparal... wonder no longer, the team at Razorworks have left no stone unturned in their quest for graphical accuracy. I dare say the tanks in this game look better than those in most tank sims!
Soldier hefting a Stinger MANPAD (Man Portable Air Defense Unit).
Aerials, hatches, operators, moving wheels, dust clouds.., there is more detail here than in any current PC Tank sim!
The Stinger and SA-7 operators are hiding everywhere... in town squares, between huts, at the edge of treelines. And speaking of treelines, these treelines are actually usable.... you can hide behind them in your chopper!
Ka-29 Helix B As with many of the Russian helicopters, the counter rotating props obviate the need for a tail rotor.

Mi-24 Hind D

The Infra Red supressor works by heating ceramic tiles to a temperature and in a pattern designed to confuse the seeker heads of incoming Stingers and Sidewinders.
A versatile gunship, the Hind can carry troops in the back. The rocket pods can be used to suppress defenses - or "prep the LZ" (prepare the landing zone).

MiG-29 Fulcrum - Distinctive hooded appearance and twin tail fins.

Su-25 Frogfoot
High wing, single tail, sShort nose

Yak-141 Freestyle
High wing, twin vertical tail booms, compact fuselage, NB: the only supersonic V/STOL.

Su-33 Flanker
Twin tail, downward angled forward fuselage, canards, bulbous nose

Ka-29 Helix B - has two coaxial rotors, carries troops in the back and and uses a variety of unguided rockets under the stubby wings.

Ka-52 Hokum B - has twin rotors, side by side cockpit, no tail rotor.
Mi-24D Hind - The twin bubble canopy is distinctive, and it has a narrow fuselage with relatively large wings.

Mi-28N Havoc B - Tandem cockpit, nose mounted radome, stub wings, fixed undercarriage.

US Assets

AV-8B Harrier - No long range missiles but very agile AIM-9 Sidewinders.

F-16 Fighting Falcon. This one is configured for Combat Air Patrol but I've seen them sporting wingloads of AGM-65 Mavericks too!

F/A-18 Hornet - AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles for long range attack. It is quite happy to come down low and use the 20mm cannon, so watch out!.

AH-64D Apache
The current premier US attack helo. It carries AIM-92 Stingers which are agile short range Infra Red homing missiles.

RAH-66 Comanche
Also carries AIM-92 missiles. The Stealth characteristics can make it hard to pick up on radar. It has a distinctive integrated tail rotor.

Sikorsky CH-3
Known as the Jolly Green Giant.

CH-47D Chinook
Twin rotors
  • Distinctive long fuselage
  • Fixed tricycle undercarriage

  • CH-46E Sea Knight
    The text book advice on facing off against fast jets in your combat helo will say " DON'T DO IT! ".
    But hey, what is sim-combat about but taking sim-risks? I was lucky enough to nail the F-16 Falcon with almost head on cannon shots.
    Wheeling about, dropping flares, staying low.
    I was lucky this time!!!

    This Harrier was hammered by an Igla AA missile - actually by several Igla's.
    These images were taken in 1998 using a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee graphics card.