Enemy Engaged Apache vs. Havoc

  • content_pasteEnemy Engaged: Apache vs. Havoc had arguably the most successful modelling of dynamic battle environments ever seen on a PC in the 1990's. It featured not one, but two of the premier Helicopter Gunships, created in stunning detail and placed in dynamic combat environments. The world of EECvH is so dynamic and interesting that it invites you to get in there and look around, beyond the attraction of flying missions. It really set a gold standard for this kind of sim environment that has still not been matched some 20 years later.
  • date_rangePublished: 1998
  • precision_manufacturingRazorworks | Empire
  • tagMilitaryRotary WingNATODynamic Campaign
  • MiG-rating:  5/5  ACE. A genuine legend in the genre.